The Book of Bartholomew, Volume 1: A Big Little World
154 full-color pages introducing the world of Bartholomew. Meet Bartholomew, his little family, friends and enemies. Learn of Uncle Jeffrey's childhood talent, Aunt Josephine's ghost story, Geraldine's appetite (for what?), and Claire's confidant - Henrietta the Chicken. Meet Claire, Topping and Charlotte. Meet Gerald, Xavier, Khua and Mo -- Bartholomew's enemies. Attend a New Year's Eve party where Bartholomew's crazy plan for the future is announced. It's all here - and more.

This volume contains the first fourteen stories of The Book of Bartholomew. Fully illustrated pages by artists Mark Granlund, Matt Wells, Martha Iserman, Mary Esch, Tim Jennen and Justin Terlecki.

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The Book of Bartholomew, Volume 2: A World Spins Tighter

In this second volume of The Book of Bartholomew, Bartholomew gets closer to his new friends and even starts to date The Nanny.  The lives of these new friends begin to revolve around each other even as the threat of violence to Bartholomew begins to emerge.  Seventeen stories long, this volume moves quickly to the brink of Bartholomew realizing his dream - a community garden.

The Book of Bartholomew is a project of writer and artist Mark Granlund. All of the stories in this volume are written by Mark and illustrated by him and nine other artists: Krista Kelley Walsh, Raighne Hogan, Matt Wells, Mary Sandberg, Justin Terlecki, Meghan Hogan, Todd Balthazor, JM Culver, and James O'Brien.

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Henrietta Holiday Cards
Henrietta the Chicken, star of stories #6 Claire and #31 The Tree of Want, thinks the world is coming to an end but likes to celebrate holidays anyway.  Check out her selection of holiday cards and give her some hope. Cards are $3.50 each.

The Book of Bartholomew t-shirt, attractive in any situation.  Wear it while reading The Book of Bartholomew.  Wear it while making friends and smiling. Price starts at $23.95.